At KFF TRADE, our goal is to enable success of our customers and partners. 

KFF TRADE’s portfolio includes fragrances for all applications and key product lines presented on the market.

Fragrance Solutions


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KFF TRADE's library of scents is represented by developments of major fragrance-houses operating worldwide.

We are proud to be partners of such well-known technology-based & creative companies as CPL Aromas and Quintessence (Great Britain), Argeville, Expressions Parfumees and Technico Flor (France).


Our aroma portfolio is widely presented by:


- For personal care applications: skin care, sun care, hair care, color cosmetics, bath and shower, deodorants, depilatories, men's grooming, oral hygiene, baby care.

- For home care & aroma diffusers.

- For car chemistry & air fresheners.

- For special chemistry & petrochemical products.

More information in the section Fragrances in stock.

Отдушки и парфюмерные композиции



For manufacturers of EDTs and fine perfumery, luxury personal care products.

парфюмерные композиции

For more details visit Fine perfumery section.


Recommended dosages:

- bar soap (0,5–1%)

- skin care (0,2–0,5%)

- toiletries & shower products (0,1–0,5%)

- hair care (0,1–0,3%)

- wet wipes (0,1–0,3%)

- detergents (0,1–0,3%)

- home care (0,3–0,6%)

- air fresheners (2-5%)

- sprays (до 20%)

- candles (3-7%)

- decorative cosmetics (0,3-1%)


We aim to provide our customers with aroma solutions and support that can enable formulators to fulfill their performance target goals.