KFF TRADE has sourced raw materials from around the world and marketed them to cosmetic companies and chemical manufacturers serving key industrial and consumer marketplaces. These relationships are based on a long-standing expertise, exceptional technical and marketing support.

KFF TRADE is partnered with manufacturers worldwide and is proud to be a distribution channel for following companies:

Argeville, France

CPL Aromas, England

Quintessence, England

Codif Recherche et Nature, France

Enzybel International S.A., Бельгия

Производитель натуральных энзимов, растительного или животного происхождения.

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Neelikon, India

Chematek, Italy

John Hogg Technical Solutions, England

Holliday Pigments SA, France

Eurovetrocap, Italy

Tournaire SA, Франция

Производитель алюминиевой тары

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BYK-Gardner GmbH, Germany

Q-Lab Corporation, USA